Microsoft Excel Training From Beginning To Advance Level
Course Curriculum:-

Formulas And Functions:

  • Math And Trig Functions (sum, sumproduct, int, round, power, fact, mod, sqrt, .....)

  • Statistical Functions (average, countif, counta, correl, frequency, large, small, .....)

  • Text Functions (len, right, left, concatenate, trim, upper, lower, proper, exact, .....)

  • Date And Time Functions (today, now, year, day, hour, minute, datedif, .....)

  • Financial Functions (pmt, fv, pv, cumipmt, cumprinc, nper, rate, sln, .....)

  • Logical Functions (and, or, if, .....)

  • Lookup And Reference Functions (vlookup, hlookup, .....)

  • Practical Exercises And Much More....

Features And Options:

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Cell Formats

  • Sort And Filter

  • Absolute Reference

  • Pivot Table

  • Charts And 3D Maps

  • Sparklines And Links

  • Slicer And Timeline

  • Text To Columns And Flash Fill

  • Data Validation And Data Table

  • Scenario Manager And Goal Seek

  • Subtotal And Invoice

  • Using Excel With The Web

  • Protection And Printing

  • Practical Exercises And Much More.....

Training Includes:

  • Courseware With 90 Practical Exercises

  • Practical Exam

  • Brain-Point Certificate

Training Duration: 30 Sessions​ (Mon-Fri 1 Hour)

Training Fees: INR 4,600